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Mission Statement  Dovewood Capital, LLC is a Finance Startup Company whose mission is to close the market participation gap by creating innovative solutions to complex market behaviors & interpretations, specifically risk anticipation, identification/recognition, impact/mitigation, and most importantly, illustrate/display all findings & conclusions in a manner in which all audiences can understand & benefit (educationally & informationally).     

Simplifying Interpretations of Complex Market Behaviors

Dovewood Capital's vision is to make finance friendly, and empower people with economic knowledge and opportunities. The Company develops and publishes innovative models and reports to simplify the complexities of capital market behavior and provide engaging, educational, and informational content and services to readers and clients. The Company also manages and grows the business operations and partnerships, leveraging its deep experience and vast network in the finance industry to ultimately reimagine the future of finance and transform it into a more accessible, transparent, and inclusive field.

With more than two decades of experience in various finance roles and industries, from mortgage banking and portfolio analytics, to business consulting and financial publishing, the founder of Dovewood Capital, Kelly Horak, has combined his passion and creativity for problem-solving, communicating, and leading with expertise and skills in financial markets, operations, and data analysis in order to bring world-class transformational finance data analytics to bear.

Empowerment Initiatives & Innovations

As a Financial Startup Company, capital is initially limited, resulting in the founder funding 100% of the costs associated with maintaining the website, innovating new & creative content, deployed technology, Corporate & Franchise expenses (LLC), as well as all administrative website costs.  


In order to continue the development, specifically around skilled, comprehensive & innovative content (educational & informational) generation (uniquely geared to those with little to no Finance background), it is our passionate supporters who are relied upon (that believe in the mission of Economic Empowerment amongst All--not just the few) to help get the mission off the ground and running until the Initiatives gain traction and become self-sufficient through financial advertisers. 

Please consider a donation if you believe Economic inequality is a significant social issue that will continue to have lasting repercussions affecting Everyone. Economic prosperity for all is something we should all strive for in order to make the wheels of commerce churn at an optimized (maximized) pace, efficiently & effectively improving overall Economic conditions & prosperity worldwide.  


In closing, the ultimate goal is for the website to be 100% free, and provide the informational & educational tools, reports and knowledge necessary to engage, inform & educate all those needing this critical financial knowledge, resulting in the understanding, importance and comprehension of prudent market participation. Lastly, all proceeds raised will go directly back into the development of the Economic Empowerment Initiatives & Innovations (EEII) to further build on the foundation we have started.  

Thank you for your consideration. 


Kelly Horak


Reimagining the Future of (Transformational) Finance & Education

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