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Dear Investment Community,

First off, thank you for your time.   

To start, I am looking for institutional investment capital or PE capital. The reward will be once in a lifetime and early investors will be rewartded greatly.


Capital requirements are very minimal relative to this tremendous upside opportunity.


Our state-of-the-art investor research portal will be one of a kind, heavily leveraging AI & Machine Learning to deliver exacting results. It will be the Google for all types of Investors, answering any financial research query imaginable. The nature of the portal is for research & education, financial projections and to provide daily stock performance impressions.


Estimated addressable market: US - 55% (158M Investors), Australia - 40% (115M), UK - 33% (95M), Japan - 30% (86M), Canada - 25% (72M), China - 13% (37M), India - 3% (9M).


Total addressable market: 287M Investors


Target addressable market: 10-30%; (29M - 86M Investors)


Conversion/Penetration Rate: 5%


Annual Plan Cost: $2400 (recurring same client, given low churn)


Projected Annualized Revenue: ($3.5B - $10.3B)


EBITDA: ($2.1B - 6.2B)

EPS: ($6.00 - $17.71) 

PE Ratio: 2.91 

Estimated IPO Range: $17.50 - $51.50

Median: $34.50


Median Shares Issued: 350,000,000

Restricted: 140,000,000 shs. (including critical early investors, key employees, executive management + board)

Float: 210,000,000 shs.

Market Cap.($) Range: $6.13B - $18.0B

​Exchange: NYSE

Ticker: ILNK


I will present the strategic roadmap and vision to all interested parties.


The initial phases will be completed by 01/25.


If interested, please get in touch with me at: or you can reach me directly at 682-430-9521.




Kelly Horak

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