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Mission Statement 

'A Better Way To Evaluate Financial Markets'​

Dovewood Capital ( was founded on the premise of “Making Finance Friendly” and that has been the sole theme (tagline) and purpose of all of my work, writings, and models (with an emphasis on education and information). During my many years of financial research, it became obvious to me that there was a clear lack of reliable, trustworthy, unbiased, and non-fear-based financial market reporting and coverage that ignored the “noise” that mainstream media wanted to disseminate, therefore I decided to make it my sole purpose to make a change. A change where my readers would discover an experience that was enjoyable, engaging, educational, informational and most importantly, come away with a brightened understanding of financial markets.

In keeping with this core Company principle, I developed a weekly informational and educational financial reporting series titled “The Financial Enrichment Journey” which includes a “Market Flash” section, covering weekly market performance, topics, trends and outlook, and another section titled the “Company Spotlight” which featured one new S&P 500 Company each week and included a business profile, most recent earnings highlights/summary (word cloud), performance analysis, competition/threat assessment and outlook/grade.

The reporting and writing style I employ emphasizes the use of innovation (another core Company principle) and analytics to illustrate weekly market performance metrics in a unique, but straight- forward manner easily comprehended by all readers. Additionally, a color-coded matrix provides market outlooks across three time periods by latest market news events leaving the readers with some opportunity for their own interpretation. Furthermore, education is a primary theme (core Company principle) inherent in the series making financial concepts and terms more easily understood and explained. Lastly, there are innovative analytical graphics depicting relevant market topics and performance always aimed at keeping the reader engaged.

Other progress includes designing & developing a proprietary predictive analytics trading model to inform and educate users about predictable stock price movements on a 1-day out basis with a high degree of certainty. The Trading Model consists of over 11 M data fields, where each stock is analyzed using 5-years of rolling historical data, analyzing 22 different intervals of trading range data and price points. Each stock forecast relies on 25,688 unique data points when calculating its price conclusion.

Additionally, I successfully designed & constructed a fully functional, interactive financial Company website (desktop and mobile) using Html and VBA code, providing visitors with near real-time (critical) risk metrics including the S&P 500 Risk Indicator featuring YTD & Current Day Risk Levels. Other forecasts are provided including the VIX & S&P 500 sequence forecast and a historical probability forecast, as well as a market dashboard (desktop only) displaying many of the key indicators and metrics in near real-time and the 'Daily 5' preferred stock suggestions, ideally selected to perform in the current market environment. I believe all of these features amongst many others, will invoke a more engaging, interactive, informational and educational experience.

Currently, offerings include but are not limited to 3 primary models built over a period of 5-10 years providing the initial content, summarized into a daily updated 105- page S&P 500 Market Report, covering the current day's market performance, noting any positive/negative trend divergence from historical averages. Additionally, I created an interactive tool where the user can view 20 performance metrics (some proprietary) for each S&P 500 constituent. There is a daily  VIX/S&P 500 forecast, a weekly S&P 500 historical probability forecast (based on 9.5 years of seasonal history by month of the year & day of the week), as well as a current financial market news streamer, economic calendar, ticker tape and stock screener.

Ultimately, I am looking to create 'A Better Way to Evaluate Financial Market Performance’, in order to make it easier for the audience (of any level) to understand and evaluate financial markets in a simplified, efficient manner. This is accomplished by providing informational & educational content in a way that is easy to interpret and comprehend.  

The strategy & mission is all based on 3 primary objectives: engage. inform. educate.

1) engaging the visitor through innovative strategies & concepts (many I have already deployed on my website) through a unique, simplified presentation & design. 

2) providing interesting financial information that is relevant & meaningful, and has real-time applicability to current markets (also delivered through a unique, simplified presentation & design).

3) educating the audience using similar techniques as seen in #s 1 & 2 , always utilizing a unique design, invoking a thoughtful & meaningful presentation and most importantly, boiling down complexity into simplification.

‘A Better Way to Evaluate Financial Market Performance’ is the mission statement, and the mission is accomplished by engaging, informing and educating the audience by presenting and/or creating the right financial content in the right style/format/design at the right time to support the above 3 objectives.

My hope is that you will participate in this ambitious initiative by providing any ideas, concepts, innovative solutions to complex financial concepts (& interpretations). Innovative and creative thinkers who are able to re-imagine what financial reporting could look like in the future is who I am hoping will participate in this endeavor to help accelerate the strategy and vision into reality. I realize this will not be easy, however I feel very strongly that someone has to take the lead in this compelling mission to create a best-in-class platform for learning, understanding and comprehending financial market information, in order to ultimately achieve a more equitable and balanced representation participating in financial markets. 


Thank you.



Kelly Horak  

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