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'Sentileon' Model Stock Selection Process


Sentinel Model

observes & analyzes the market daily, collecting impactful S&P 500 performance data.


Chameleon Model 

daily Sentinel performance data is loaded here, where both red & green market performance analysis takes place.


Sentileon Selections

initial stock selections are made, before final curations are presented for review, approval & publication.


Publication Finalized

final due diligence is performed on recommended stock selections, where approval and finalization decisions are made, readied for the daily 'list of 8' stocks publication.

This section relies extensively on our modeling capabilities & process known as 'Sentileon' (detailed above), to identify the top 8 'Choice' daily stocks, by the following categories:


  • Top Green S&P 500 Stock - projected to be a standout top long-based (+ price behavior) candidate in a green S&P 500 market.

  • Top Red S&P 500 Stock - projected to be a top standout long-based (+ price behavior) candidate in a red S&P 500 market.

  • Top Overall S&P 500 Stock - selected through extensive model consensus to exceed the market index performance (S&P 500), exhibiting long-based (+ price behavior) characteristics, with a high degree of probability, in any S&P 500 market environment with potential exception to extremely high volatility trading days. 

  • 5 Next Top Stocks - 5 Next Model selections (after Top Overall) are projected to perform well, exhibiting long-based (+ price behavior) characteristics.

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