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Introduction (includes history)


                                      Welcome and thank you for considering Dovewood Capital, LLC as your trusted source for                                                       leading cutting-edge, fact-based market research and data analytics.

                                      My name is Kelly Horak, and I graduated from Texas Christian University in 1996 with a BBA in                                             Finance, then directly began working in the mortgage-banking industry for 15 years, when I                                                     decided I wanted to make a change. I resigned from my corporate position and began working                                                 in Financial Markets in 2012.  I started trading and soon found the key to success was mainly observation & analysis of the markets, studying their behavior & reaction to different events, and soon found my time was mainly spent on those activities (99% observation/analysis & 1% trading).  


I later decided to begin writing about my observations, findings and conclusions, and began publishing my work on my website through my Company, Dovewood Capital, LLC.  Finally, in 2018 after spending much time writing about markets, trend/performance, analysis and outlooks, I recognized there was a need for an objective method to select stocks that took all sentiment, analyst ratings and even fundamentals out of the decisioning process, and strictly relied on the trading behavior of the stocks, so I began developing models whose criteria relied solely on the stock's daily price action including the daily open, daily high, daily low and daily close for each stock in the S&P 500, historically analyzing this data daily for the last 5 years for each stock.  I aggregated the data and applied proprietary calculations and developed metrics to identify those stocks which were likely to exhibit positive price momentum in any given market, even specific or unique sets for red markets vs. green markets.  


Today, the models, commonly referred to collectively as 'Sentileon' have been greatly refined and are utilized daily to support my content, which I believe can provide tremendous value to all levels of investors/traders.  I want to share this information with all in hopes of informing and educating anyone who is interested in Financial Markets, in an effort to encourage participation in the Stock Market, but doing so with an educated and informed approach of the risks associated with the Stock Market.  As a result, the universe of stocks I work exclusively with are the S&P 500 stocks, typically the bellwether companies within their respective industries and very well-capitalized and liquid, but not to say they are not without their unique risks.


Lastly, the way our content is presented, makes it easy to follow and interpret, relying heavily on visualizations (charts/graphs) to illustrate specific trends & points.  I've found the average reader, typically engages more with illustrations vs. just plain text, so that is what you will see in much of our work.     


I do hope you will give us the opportunity to earn your trust and will take a look at all of the daily content we publish, all in an effort to keep education & information at the forefront of everything we do. 

In closing, I'd like to share our value-proposition: 

  • one-of-a-kind financial publications providing daily market performance trends & metrics, outlook and top stock selections. 

  • new and different way at evaluating markets in a quick, clean and concise manner, employing the latest innovations. 

  • become better informed on current market conditions.

  • learn a wealth of information about financial markets.

  • understand trends and undercurrents driving markets.

  • optimized for mobile friendliness.

  • 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee.

The next chapter of my journey was born out of taking a very serious look at my skill sets and see how I could apply them professionally doing something different than what I had been doing in the past.  Immediately I thought of Landscaping (Design) & Yard Maintenance whereby I could apply all of my primary skill sets, and most importantly my innovation skill set.  Therefore I opened a subsidiary Company under Dovewood Capital, LLC, called Landscape Management Co. 

In closing, I'd like to thank you for considering us as your trusted partner for your landscaping and full service yard maintenance needs.  We hope you will join us and look forward to the opportunity of delivering you best-in-class landscaping (design + construction), full service yard cleanup, and any other service that may arise, I will be able to take are of it.   

Very Best Regards, 


Kelly Horak


BBA, Finance

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